What is ScreeningMate™

Online daters, like yourself, use ScreeningMate to protect themselves. We encrypt and store minimal information about you in a secure offshore location. Unnecessary information is permanently deleted after you have been screened.

How is your data stored?

Your information is encrypted, and then securely stored in offshore servers located in Amsterdam. The hosting company is based and headquartered in Amsterdam, as is ScreeningMate and its subsidiaries. The data is further protected by being held behind a firewall and reverse proxy.

How is your data used?

Your information is used only to check that you are truthful. Once you have been screened, any unnecessary information will be permanently deleted. ScreeningMate will continue to store account information such as your username, encrypted password (we never see your password), email, phone number, and other information required to verify your good-standing. Your information is never sold nor transferred to an unrelated third-party.